Treat yourself to a soothing hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage

Typically, when someone is not familiar with traditional and common massage techniques, they picture hot stone massages to be filled with agonizing pain endured only by the brave. Such beliefs are only superstitions.

Hot stone massage comes from an age old tradition of Native Americans who would use special stones heated by water in order to soothe typical aches and pains in muscles. The temperature of the stones usually remains between 122-127 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows the stones to relax the entire body while also warming up tight muscles in order for them to be easily worked with by the therapist. This is not to say that anyone can or should perform a hot stone massage.

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Hot stone massages consist of the therapist placing several hot stones along the spine and back or holding the stones in their hands in order to manipulate problematic areas of the back. A combination of placing the stones and manual manipulation of the stones is also quite common.

Natural energy

Well-trained therapists will have the knowledge and ability to also use the hot stones in a way that allows for the natural flows of energy to be discovered and utilized. Application of hot stones to these areas not only harnesses this natural energy but also helps to restore the natural balance of the being.

To further help access these benefits, additional stones may be placed in the palms of the hands, on the stomach, and/or between the toes to better connect these energy pathways.

Tension and trigger points

One of the main benefits of a hot stone massage is its ability to release the tension of tight trigger points. Tight trigger points, especially in the back, is the cause for many common problems including general soreness of the back along with tightness and the feeling the back needs to crack without the ability to do so.

During a hot stone massage session, a hot stone will be place directly on one or many of these trigger points in order to relax and release these feelings. It also allows the muscles to loosen in case the therapist needs to work more deeply on the area.

Benefits and hydration

Because of the relaxing and balancing nature of the hot stone massage, it is believed to help with common aches and pains, poor circulation, arthritis pain, stress, anxiety, tension, depression, and even insomnia.

One of the main precautions to take before a hot stone massage session is to make sure the body is properly hydrated. If the body is dehydrated during this massage, burns can be a severe repercussion.

To prevent burns, be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after the hot stone massage treatment. It is also a good idea to apply a skin moisturizer twice a day for the week leading up to the massage to make sure the skin is not dry, as dry skin is more likely to be burned by the hot stones.