Get to know Connie Cooper, owner of Spa De Paris

Connie Cooper

Owner & Licensed Massage Therapist

I started working as a massage therapist in 2005, after passing the Texas state exam. My first employer was A Aloha Massage in the Rolling Oaks mall. I worked as a part-time massage therapist while taking CEUS.

I was working to learn as much as I could to help clients with their physical issues. After A Aloha, I started working with a friend (fellow massage therapist), doing out-calls and some in-calls at her establishment.

During this time, I took neuromuscular massage, hot stone, and prenatal classes. I then got a job at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa working at the Windflower Spa for about six months.

In January 2007, I started working at the Folawn’s Spa. While working there for 6 years, I learned many of my skills. Folawn’s has been open over 20 years and is well-known and a highly reputable business. During my tenure at Folawn’s, I took several more CEUS such as Ortho-Biotomy and deep tissue massage.

After 9 years of training and experience, I had the opportunity to open my own spa. I now have the satisfaction of owning my own spa and provide my clients with many quality spa services.

License Massage Therapist since March 2005
2019 Graduate to be a License Massage Therapist Instructor ;-)