Give your skin the care it needs with Chemical Exfoliation

Chemical Exfoliation

Benefits of Chemical Exfoliation:

Chemical exfoliation has many different effects on different skin types. If you have acne prone skin, you will get a refined appearance of pores and less blemishes. For aging skin, elasticity will be increased and you can minimize fine lines. Dehydrated skin will benefit from this by increasing the ability to absorb product into the face and replenish. For clients with hyper-pigmentation, it will reduce the appearance of dark spots. Lastly, if you have rosacea clients will see a decrease of inflammation and redness.

Contraindications of Chemical Exfoliation:

Chemical exfoliation is very beneficial for the skin, but it is also a controlled wound to the skin. It takes time for it to heal, and if you are unhealthy it will take longer to heal. If the client has a low immune system, it is not recommended to get any kind of exfoliation.

Treatment Options & Pricing

Vitamin C Professional Mask Facial

The Vitamin C Mask is great for any pigmentation issues or brightening needs. It contains an assortment of different acids, including L-ascorbic acid. This service consists of a deep cleanse, massage, toner, mask, hydration and salon quality serums and creams. The Vitamin C Mask is for dull, uneven tone and textured skin. It is not recommended for very sensitive skin or acne prone skin.

30 minutes

Salicylic 30% Chemical Peel

The Salicylic chemical treatment is recommended for clients with acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation, and mild rosacea. It can be used as a single treatment of just the chemical exfoliation or as an add on to a full service facial. Clients should not wash or moisturize their skin and should avoid contact with water or perspiration for the next 8-24 hours.

30 minutes
60 minutes

Flower Enzyme Treatment

This treatment is versatile to any skin type and is especially good if you’re looking for a light exfoliant. It involves a full service facial with an enzyme treatment that includes various different flower extracts to clear the clients’ skin of dead cells. The Flower Enzyme treatment is not recommended for anyone with a Bromelain or Pineapple sensitivity.

60 minutes

Glycolic 30% Chemical Peel

This treatment is recommended for aging, hyperpigmentation, sun damaged skin, and in-grown hairs. It uses a chemical exfoliation by using Glycolic acids. This is part of a full service facial and it is also recommended to avoid water, perspiration, and the sun for the next 8-24 hours.

60 minutes

Back Facial

Deep cleansing for that pesky back acne! Exfoliation, extractions and a purifying mask. Top if off with a hand and arm massage and you are good to go!

45 minutes

Beau Visage

A synergy of effective acids designed to have a transformative effect, reducing the appearance of melasma, freckles and acne. By providing the strongest level of exfoliation within the Sothys line, this versatile treatment creates dramatic change in the skin.Recommended for: Aging skin, sun damaged, hyperpigmentation, acne.

60 minutes

Foot Treatment or a heel Peel Recommended For: Uneven tone and texture.

15 minutes
30 minutes