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By Spa de Paris, Mar 20 2017 09:02PM

"Start the Spring with beautiful Hair, Skin & Relaxing Body"

Bonjour Friends & Families ;-)

Enjoy to have beautiful Skin & Hair for the Spring which just Started Today.

I am so happy with the results of how Organic Hair color last longer with brighter natural color giving your hair the health it deserves.

As this is the first day of spring people are booking appointments to feel and look good from head to toe with massage, facials and hair so if you would like to jump in.

I encourage you to book your appointment in advance To Save Your Spot...

Au revoir et a bientot ;-)

Connie L Cooper

I am the Only & Always be....

"The Little Paris in San Antonio, TX"

Check out our Wednesday Specials for Hair Color & Highlights ;-)

By Spa de Paris, Mar 6 2017 03:16PM


UV rays increase free radical concentrations in the cuticle and break down color molecules, making hair color fade.

Further, heat styling removes moisture and hydration from the hair, causing breakage. This will not only make hair color look dull

and drab, but damaged hair will not retain hair color the way healthy hair would.

Even more, dirt, oil, and dead skin cells can buildup on your scalp, while sulfates, mineral oils, silicones, and waxes from products

buildup on your hair. These and hard-water minerals, like iron, calcium, and copper stick around and can shift or fade your hair color.


All-Nutrient products are free of sulfates, plastics, and any other synthetic ingredients that strip the hair. This promotes complete nourishment and supreme condition – key factors in maintaining the intensity of hair color.

Our formulas contain a potent amount of proteins and amino acids that feed your hair the nutrients it needs to lock in hair color, so it does not fade.


All-Nurient organic and all-natural ingredients ensure the longevity of color-treated hair, while protecting it from external damage, in order to achieve maximum color vitality.

Sunflower Seed Oil.

This oil's powerhouse component, Heliogenol™, is a concentrated glycolic extract of sunflower seeds that is titrated in polyphenols, making it possible for all of All-Nutrient products to protect and repair damage caused by free radicals of any nature and origin.

Vitamin E.

This super antioxidant has natural compounds that neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals, protecting the hair from environmental damage and shielding color from fading.

Avocado Oil.

This natural oil prevents UV damage by preventing the breakdown of the different dye molecules, extending the life of hair color. Further, with its slight polarity, it is able to penetrate deep into the cortex of each strand, hydrating the hair from the inside out.

Grape Seed Oil.

Its high Linoleic Acid and Vitamin E content possesses strong activity against free radicals, prolonging the longevity of color-treated hair.

By Spa de Paris, Mar 1 2017 02:04PM

We’ve all read about the crazy methods (hair burning?!) and at-home treatments people use to get rid of split ends. It’s safe to say that under no circumstances should you light your hair on fire, but there’s still a lot of confusion around split ends—how you get them and how you get rid of them. Don’t worry, we spoke with our own Yingxia Wang and got the scoop for you:

Myth: Only people with damaged hair get split ends.

Fact: Anyone can get ’em. They come from daily wear and tear (like brushing and styling) but you don’t have to have “damaged” hair to see a split. And actually, if your hair strands are round (which is typical for Asians), you are a lot less likely to get them.

Myth: Haircuts prevent split ends.

Fact: A haircut may help remove existing splits, but it can’t prevent them from happening again.

Myth: At home treatments (like avocado and coconut oil) can get rid of split ends.

Fact: Maybe for a few minutes. Slathering these foods on your hair will help condition them, but that’s about it. Plus, who wants to deal with the mess? Save it for your salad.

Myth: Picking off split ends can help.

Fact: Step away from the split end. This makes your split ends even worse because you’re actually weakening the hair. Just say no!

Myth: Burning off your split ends is a great way to maintain length.

Fact: This Brazilian treatment is not scientifically proven and is very dangerous. No, no, and no.

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Living Proof Products are available at the Salon of SPA De PARIS

By Spa de Paris, Jan 26 2017 12:53AM

Saint Valentin
Saint Valentin

Another beautiful time in San Antonio, TX. ..

"Happy Valentine" is coming in a couple of weeks what better place to have a couples massage is at “Little Paris in San Antonio, TX"

SPA De PARIS starting to be a very HOT SPOT for couple massage since we are Paris the Romance Capital of the World.

We will have only five opening on Tuesday 14 February for couple massage.

Checkout our website and "SAVE YOUR SPOT" For this special day;-)

Au revoir et a bientot

Connie L Cooper

Proud Small business Owner of

"The Little Paris in San Antonio. TX"

#Massage #SkinCare #Sauna #Hair #Nails #Pedicure #Manicure

By Spa de Paris, Jan 12 2017 02:29PM

Bonjour Friends & Family ;-)

First I wish you All the best year you ever have and continue in the years coming up.

Great News I decided to do a Early "Valentine Wine & Cheese" Event Party with a ART SHOW of Renea Moore Menzies-Artist,

Since I opened the SPA first as a "Cafe & Bistro" Parisian Atmosphere in May of 2013 and acquired in 2014 the Amazing Art Work, Umbrella and Silk Scarfs of Renea Moore Menzies-Artist I became the only "Boutique & Gallery" SPA in San Antonio.

So I will be having a amazing "Wine & Cheese Party " with French music on Saturday 21 January 2017 at 7:00pm.

Renea will be there coming from Aspen, CO to see so many of you who would love to meet her after coming in the SPA seeing her beautiful Art we have on our walls all over the SPA .

I am very proud to mention that I am one of the highest decorated SPA in San Antonio and also more proud to be one of the smallest SPA's , I call

"The Little Paris in San Antonio,TX"

Being little is beautiful because we can keep quality over quantity .

Since I have about 4500 Facebook friends and cannot invite everyone at once I am asking everyone to private message me or Christian if you are interested in attending and we will make sure to send you a invite .

We’re asking everyone to be responsible about drinking and driving.

I also want to thank my close friends who have been there in supporting my SPA and also the amazing Facebook friends without you I would never be where I am today .

Merci beaucoup for everything et A Bientot

Connie L Cooper



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